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Chris Carson

Staff Research Associate II

E-mail: ccarson [at] unr.edu
Phone: (775) 784-6706
Office: CB 017

Chemistry buyer/storekeeper Chris Carson purchases chemicals and lab equipment for use in chemistry research and supervises the main research stockroom (basement). Chris receives and distributes chemicals and labware for the chemistry department.


Xanthea Elsbree

Office Manager

E-mail: xelsbree [at] unr.edu
Phone: (775) 784-6041
Office: CB 213

As Office Manager, Xanthea Elsbree supervises the clerical staff, monitors department programs, provides secretarial support to the department chair, and is the primary resource person for faculty and staff.


Jennifer Heck

Administrative Assistant III

E-mail: jheck [at] unr.edu
Phone: (775) 784-6041
Office: CB 213

As Graduate Secretary, Jennifer Heck maintains records and contracts for graduate students and applicants to the graduate program in Chemistry.


Douglas Howard

Staff Research Associate III

E-mail: howard [at] unr.edu
Phone: (775) 784-8027
Office: DMS 306

B.S. (1984) Biology, University of Nevada, Reno

Doug Howard manages the organic chemistry stockroom (third floor, Davidson Math and Science Center).


Brady Janes

Director of Laboratories

E-mail: bradyj [at] unr.edu
Phone: (775) 682-8304
Office: CB 218

B.S. (1997) Secondary Education, General Science, University of Nevada, Reno
M.A. (2001) Education Administration, University of Phoenix
M.S. (2008) Chemistry, University of Nevada, Reno

Brady Janes is the Director of Laboratories


Keith Kikawa

Staff Research Associate III

E-mail: kkikawa [at] unr.edu
Phone: (775) 784-8005
Office: DMS 404

Keith Kikawa works in the general chemistry stockroom (fourth floor, Davidson building) and sets up experiments for general chemistry teaching laboratories.


Stephen M. Spain

Director of Instrumentation

E-mail: smspain [at] unr.edu
Phone: (775) 784-6019
Office: CB 011

B.S. (1992), Oregon State University
Ph.D. (2003), University of California, Riverside

Stephen Spain is the Director of Instrumentation


Walter Weaver

Principal Development Tech

E-mail: wweaver [at] unr.edu
Phone: (775) 784-6746
Cell: (775)848-7765
Office: Machine Shop

Machinist Walt Weaver fabricates specialized instruments for research projects in the department. The machine shop capabilities includes milling, lathe work, and vacuum welding.